Wax molding technique update

I found this patent describing a method of manufacturing fairly similar to my idea of using a wax core. This method is essentially resin infusion, without the vacuum, but with high pressure resin. I think this patent is notable because it confirms that it is possible to use wax as a core that you can melt out later.


I received 1lb of carnauba wax from McMaster today along with some new vacuum oil. Hopefully replacing the oil will mean my vacuum pump can get down to a super low pressure. Right now it is only able to get to 26.5″Hg, but I’d like to get down to 29 or 30″Hg.

I also got started on a sealing mechanism so that I can seal the vacuum bag while it is in the chamber under vacuum. Once I get this all figured out, I’ll post more about it. This method is looking extremely promising and simple compared to other methods I’ve tried.